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Our story

GVI is an international Investment Advisory. We as GVI ('Give Ventures Investment') have trusted partners and thus market-      and customer access in most countries across the globe.

We constantly offer a pre-qualified dealflow to exclusive VCs.

Our mission :
We will increase the success rate of startups/scaleups significantly! 

How will we achieve this? We advise the startups/scaleups to optimize the business model, making them investor-ready and finding a suitable VC. With expertise, mentoring and networking. And we stay on board if required. Working together on value creation.

Our Value proposition

"The best finance is a miracle that happens when one is able to combine money, know-how, mentorship and networking. This is better known as 'smart financing'. " 🚀☕️ 

We will increase the success rate of start-ups - with creative-analytical mentoring, personality assessment & mentoring, with our unique virtual accelerator, with market/customer validations of PoC's with partners in many countries, with 'smart financing', with know-how and network. With passion and determination. With commitment.

For investors: more opportunities, less risk. With transparency. With founder profiling. A highly qualified dealflow of chosen outstanding Startups and Scaleups. High value potential.

We focus primarily on early stage & revenues and late stage in the following domains: HealthTech, EdTech, Mobility, DroneTech.

You want to learn more about our unique approach?  

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"I can state that our exchanges were always very inspiring and exciting. Thank you for that!.", CEO & Founder, Switzerland


"Great to speak yesterday, Frank, honestly one of the best investor calls I have had with great feedback and real listening involved. Quite rare!", CEO & Founder, Singapore


"Thank you, Frank. And thank you for your time, the advice and the fabulous perspective. I am so excited. I will be in touch very soon."

"Your advice sparked off a great many changes in my narrative. Your feedback allowed me the opportunity to sit back and crystallise on what I really want to do within the overall scope of my raging ambitions.", CEO & Founder, Dubai

Get to know us


Frank Beckmann
Managing Partner
E: [email protected]


Nissim Abecasis
Investment Associate
E: [email protected]

Say hello to our Country Partners:


Noa A. Schecter

Country Partner USA
Los Angeles, USA
Expertise: Leadership consultant,
C-level coach, DISC assessment
 Noa Ashtar Schecter | LinkedIn
H: https://www.eqevolve.com


Gopaal M.D.  

Country Partner India

Chennai, India
Expertise: Business Development, Engineering, EV & mobility
 Gopaal Miriyalu Dhanasekar | LinkedIn 


Makki I. Elfatih

Country Partner Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Expertise: Business Transformation, Digital Finance, Global Business Services (GBS)
Li:  Makki Ibrahim | LinkedIn 


Jude Barak

Country Partner Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Expertise: Fundraising Marketing, content creation and presentation
Li: Jude Barak geb. ג'וד ברק | LinkedIn
H: https://judebarak.com